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Manifide music, Brighter Days project - album review video, Main Street Lights - October 10, 2016

The album has great pacing... 'Monet Eyes' is a beautiful duet between the lead singer Cooper and the pianist Ayako, a well-written ballad with powerful vocals and accents from the percussion enhances the piece. Very well done... 'This Little Prayer' is an awesome song with a powerful message of friendship." - Ethan Campbell

Elmore Magazine - album review, Main Street Lights - September 27, 2016

“A unique musical ride, there is something for every musical taste on the album. Yet what distinguishes Main Street Lights is its unique versatility and cathartically honest approach.” - Tracy Montes

The Seattle Times - concert/album release preview - August 26, 2016

Whether they’re evoking roadhouse blues or the poppy charm of ’60s doo-wop, new Seattle group Vicious Petals has made a statement with its debut (self-released) album Main Street Lights.
Driven by frontman Cooper Smith’s searing guitar work and the propulsive energy of Ayako Okano’s masterful, classical piano skills, the album is full of emotional, mature songs like the anthem 'Treachery' — music that sounds like nothing else being produced in Seattle right now. - Owen R. Smith

Back Beat Seattle - song premiere, C. Burns - August 24, 2016

The track, 'C. Burns,' is straight off the Ryan Hadlock-produced (ahem, the Lumineers) debut LP, Main Street Lights... You can hear some fine [Billy] Joel inspiration. There’s the effective vocals of Cooper Smith, plus horns and piano. And an incredibly infectious melody.

Elmore Magazine - song premiere, Treachery - July 18, 2016

Beginning with a vampy, 60s pop-chart style piano intro and easing into gently paced doo-wop swing, the song feels playful from the first note to the last, but Cooper’s ragged croon drives home the emotional backbone of the track.

Innocent Words - album review, Main Street Lights - July 4, 2016

This is a collection of songs which must be listened to without caution, without looking for a specific genre to pin them under, because Vicious Petals needs to be experienced on its own merit. - Troy Michael

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